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June Highlights

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The 74th annual Lilac Festival brought many visitors to view 250 varieties of lilacs and participate in many activities. The lilacs bloomed right on cue and their sweet scent hung in the air.Mackinac Island Lilacs
On the first Saturday of the festival, we cheered on the participants of the 10k running race as they passed our front door on Main Street. Many stopped by to shop after the race and it was fun to congratulate them and hear about their experience. The general consensus was that it was a fun course, but Mission Hill was a killer!
Poppins on Mackinac Lilac Window Display
The Poppins window display was decorated with giant lilacs in the festival's theme: Peace, Love, and Lilacs. Throughout the 10 day festival, we enjoyed helping customers pick out a favorite lilac-themed souvenir to take home with them. In case you missed it, you can find some of our favorite products here and here.Poppins June Window Display
 We temporarily closed the shop doors on the final Sunday to join the crowd in watching the Grand Parade. Sitting on the curb in front of Poppins, we had a great view of the many parade entries. A crowd favorite was the Scottville Clown Band and it is tradition for them to end the parade with lively music, crazy costumes, and lots of laughs.
For those of us working at Poppins, Poppins(Home) and Caddywampus, the weeks are quickly passing. The bookends to each day are the sunrise and sunset over Lake Huron and in between we live full days.Mackinac Island Rainbow
Each of the crew has their own routine before work. Some like to get up early for a walk, take a bike ride, or do yoga on the beach. Alfie, the Border Collie, is definitely up for a walk first thing! Arch Rock is a beautiful spot to catch the sunrise, either at the lookout, or down below along M-185 accompanied by the soundtrack of waves and bird songs. 
Morning shop chores are done first thing. We wash windows and sweep the entryways, turn on some good music, and open the doors wide to welcome the day, and you, our customers!
Round Island
When the town whistle blows each day at noon, it often catches us by surprise—“Its 12 o’clock already?” Our stomachs let us know that yes, it is almost time for lunch breaks! 
In between assisting customers throughout the busy day, we arrange and stock the shelves, take product photos for our online shop and social media, and answer customer questions. Often we are asked,  “Do you recommend someplace to eat?” or “What is it like living on the island?” or “Where is the nearest bathroom?” That last question is often accompanied with a little desperation in their eyes. :)Summer Solstice Bike Ride
An annual tradition for the Poppin’s crew is to celebrate the summer solstice by watching the sunset along the west coast of the island. On the 21st, we rode our bikes along M-185 to a perfect spot along the beach and shared snacks and stories accompanied with lots of laughter. We wove daisy fairy crowns, lit sparklers, and briefly contemplated going for a swim in the cold water. Riding back to town through the middle of the island, we stopped at the top of a hill and watched fireflies in the dark. It was a beautiful, magical evening.Summer Solstice on Mackinac Island
Time doesn’t stand still on Mackinac Island and July is here with the annual yacht races just around the corner. Please stop by when you visit and follow us on Instagram to watch all the fun!

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