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Finding joyful moments in 2020

Posted by Kate Rise on

2020 in photographs.

My intention is not to gloss over the the sadness and struggle that many have faced over the last 9 months. My heart is with everyone that has been affected and I have felt sadness myself this year. These photos are the highlights. The happy moments. The act of remembering these times has helped to lift my spirits. I hope you can look back too and find moments that brought you joy. Scroll through those phone pics to jog your memory. These moments also reminded me of how you can still find happy times even when faced with limitations both physically and socially. My wrist fracture in May knocked me sideways and healing has been slow but here are a few of my happiest moments from the year.

Starting the year with a snowy Mackinac hike.

Surprising Myk with Hamilton tickets.

The last time we danced with friends. Puerto Rico

Learning to arrange flowers in lock down with Sweet Water Floral.

Time at home to watch the landscape get so green and lush.

Lunches outside on Mackinac 

Unable to bike I got to see the flowers up close.

When I finally had the energy to hike. 

Finally experiencing the simple pleasure of a bike ride with a friend.

Transforming our shop into a dining room so I could hang with my crew and watching their surprised reactions. 

Wine in the rain on the Pink Pony patio

Nights like these when I feel like pinching myself.



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