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Rainbow Bamboo Dinnerware 5 Piece Set

Rainbow Bamboo Dinnerware 5 Piece Set

  • $ 2700

This children's bamboo dinnerware set combines sustainable and natural bamboo fibre. Renewable resource that supports a healthy you and healthy planet. As one of the fastest growing and more resilient plants in the world. And because it is biodegradable, it won't end up in landfills.

How to look after me: Always give me a wash first! I am absolutely dishwasher safe but like most kitchen items I will last a lot longer if you handwash me. If using the dishwasher put me in the top rack. I can tolerate hot or cold food however please don't put me in the microwave or the oven. As I am made with a lot of natural materials, I am not completely unbreakable. If dropped from a height or on to hard surfaces I may break or crack Please note: Dishwasher Safe! Non-microwave-safe! Images from Lu and Ken Co 

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